Benefits of Cardiovascular exercise

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There are many health benefits of cardiovascular exercise. It can also have a number of psychological benefits – it can help you feel stronger and more capable, happier, more energetic, etc.

Cardio training or aerobic exercise is any activity that employs the use of considerably large groups of muscles in a continuous and rhythmic manner throughout certain periods of time. The most common examples of which are running, skiing, skating, sprinting, tae bo, elliptical training, walking, rowing, and biking. In some cases, circuit training is also categorized as cardio training since it requires continuous movements from one form of exercise to another.

In essence, cardio training works by elevating the maximum heartbeat the organ may reach somewhere around 65-80%. This state is called aerobic or heart beat state because only in here, and in some special instances will the heart reach such great increase in heart rate.

As we all know, there are many benefits that may be had with cardio training. Aside from strengthening and raising the level of endurance of the heart and the lungs, cardio training also helps burn unwanted fats and calories. And since heart problems are one of the major contributing factors to prevalent premature death among men and women, it is extremely important to get involved with any forms of cardio vascular training.

Experts would recommend a minimum of 25 minutes up to 60 minutes of cardio training per session. And there should be a minimum of three sessions in a week and a maximum of five. Being that the normal session should range for around 30 to 40 minutes.

  • Walking or Running uphill on a treadmill
  • Utilizing the Elliptical trainer in both a forward and backward motion.
  • Climbing/Running stairs on the Stairmaster/Stepper
  • Utilizing the bike without sitting

Most people perform cardio training to burn excess calories. With obesity as one of the leading health problems in the Western world today, people are seriously considering doing cardio workouts since they burn much more fats and carbohydrates in so little span of time. But it must be noted that the amount of calories burned during cardio training will always be dependent on the body weight of the exerciser, the intensity of his workouts and the type of activity he does.


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