Ladies Gym Lingo

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Ladies Gym Lingo

Ladies if you are new to the fitness world, there is nothing more intimidating then walking into a brand new fitness center and being surrounded by beautifully sculpted bodies and of course some not so sculpted. It’s almost enough to make you wanna head to exit and never return. But wait…

If you learn the lingo and you’ll feel right at home in the gym.

If someone asks, “Can I Work in?”  They are simply asking to alternate sets with you on a piece of fitness

equipment. If someone is using a machine that you want to use, you can simply ask to “work in.”

“Working in” with someone usually takes place on cable machines with weight stacks because you can change the weight simply by moving the pin to another hole. If you have to load plates on or off a barbell, it’s usually better to wait until the user has finshed up.

“Super setting” is another commonly used phrase, heard in the gym. It involves performing two, three or even four of the same or different exercises without resting between sets.

Then there is “Circuit training”, which involves performing an entire “circuit” of exercises with little or no rest between sets, then repeating the circuit again for time. Circuits are great for people who want to get in an instense full body workout when they are pressed for time.

I’m doing a “Split routine”. This is a specific strength program in which you work one set of muscle groups on one day and others another day. Do for example you may target your back and biceps on day 1, shoulders and triceps on day 2 and chest and legs on day 3. This is a split routine.

I’m “Isolating” my biceps. This simple means the person is focusing on the bicep muscle only. They are specifically incorporating bicep exercises only.

So don’t be intimidated to get back into the gym or the free weight room. Walk the walk and talk the talk! Show the guys who’s boss!


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