Ladies 6 Ways to Keep Your Muscles Shaped and Toned, Even Away from the Gym!

August 31, 2009 by admin  
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Ladies 6 Ways Keep Your Muscles Shaped and Toned, Even Away from the Gym!

There are some basic movements and activities, ladies, that we do each and every day that can help us stay lean and toned…but there’s a twist.

It is easy enough to burn calories, boost your metabolism to keep your muscles toned and shaped if you make these simple changes to everyday movements:

Balance, Balance: When standing at the kitchen sink or brushing your teeth in the bathroom, do some one legged squats. Simply lift your left leg slightly, bend your knee and push your left leg a little behind your right leg. Now bend and straighten your right leg to perform one-legged squats. Remember to squeeze and tighten your butt and keep your mid section and abs contracted as you squat. Perform 10-15 reps, switch legs and repeat.

Commercial Plank: Anytime a commercial comes on while you’re watching television, get down into the floor plank position and hold your plank until the show you’re watching comes back from commercial. The average commercial runs anywhere from 15 – 30 seconds for each and the average time before your show returns is usually 2 – 3 minutes. This will keep your stomach and core challenged instead of munching on some unhealthy snack!

Slow Hover squat: Whenever you go to take a seat, try to hover above the chair without letting your butt or hamstrings touch the chair. Hover and hold for 30 seconds and slowly progress up to 1 minute or more. Do these whenever you go to sit down on any chair or couch. You should be able to do this at least once an hour.

Kitchen Chair dip: Each time you find yourself in the kitchen, perform triceps dips using a kitchen chair: Stand in front of a chair as if you were going to sit down, then lower hips by bending your knees. Place the heel of your hands on the edge of the seat with your fingers pointing downward towards the floor. Lock your arms and elbows straight and walk your feet forward, and with feet flat and hips forward. Now bend and straighten your arms, keeping butt close to chair seat without touching it. Do 8-15 reps.(IMPORTANT: Make sure the chair does not push away or slide from underneath you. Push the back of the chair up against the cupboards to ensure it doesn’t move!)

Shopping cart squeeze: Contract and squeeze your buttocks muscles as tightly as you can whenever you are pushing a shopping cart and keep them contracted as you walk. I know it sounds funny but you are burning calories and shaping and toning your butt at the same time…plus no one will notice, I promise!

Tele walk: Whenever you’re on a cellular or cordless phone at home, instead of sitting down, get up and walk around for the entire conversation. Not only will you burn more calories but your voice will sound more confident and authoritative at the same time.


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