Stay Fit While on Vacation

September 22, 2009 by admin  
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Stay Fit While on Vacation

So you’ve worked hard over the last couple of months, keeping up with your exercise routine, watching your diet but you’ve had no down time to relax or take vacation.

But no the time has come to take that vacation but there’s no need to overindulge and sabatoge any inches you’ve lost over the past couple of months. Vacation is not the time to slack off on your exercise regime.

I’ve put together a couple of suggestions that will help stay in shape while on vacation:

Get Out and Explore this New Destination

For a fresh perspective and a nice little cardio boost, check out the area’s bike tours. Renting a bike is easy to do no matter where in the world you are. This is great especially if you are tight on time or on a weekend getaway because you are able to cover more ground on a bike! If you are visiting an oceanside resort or area, think about renting a kayak. Kayaking will blast away calories and as an extra bonus, it gives your core a real challenge.

Left Foot, Right Foot

Whatever you do, don’t waste your valuable time locked up in your hotel room sleeping the day away! Maybe you want a little break from the sometimes stuffy gym, get yourself a pedometer and get walking. Set a goal of about 15,000 steps throughout the day to burn roughly 600 calories. Fix it to your running shoes as soon as you head out in the morning and don’t remove it until you hit the bed at night.

Research the Hotels You Are Staying In

Most hotels have websites these days, so see if your hotel has a gym or fitness center. Be careful as not all hotels allow access free of charge! It’s also quite common that if a hotel does not have a fitness center, they may very well have an agreement with a nearby fitness center that allows free access for hotel guests.

Make Your Own Gym

Hotel furniture can be used to create a good little workout circuit. You can do tricep dips on the edge of your chair, take the pillow off the sofa or chair and do toe taps on the pillow, put your toes up on the edge of the chair and do pushups on the floor. Do this circuit for 15 minutes without stopping. Perform 15-20 repetitions for each exercise and you’ll be blasting away the calories while on vacation!


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